Joyce Westrop

Steel sculpture and monprint installation Joyce Westrop large intaglio print steel plate woodblock relief printed with car intaglio print multiple steel plates Joyce Westrop intaglio print multiple steel plates Joyce Westrop intaglio print steel plate Joyce Westrop monoprint collage joyce Westrop Intaglio print photo drawing  



        The Artist Gallery

Prints from Steel plates and plywood.

In this installation I used printmaking as a metaphor for our search for meaning in the universe. Prints, as possible answers to hypothetical questions; a

call and response. Through a long process involving my car, I took 2 intaglio prints from each of the twelve steel plates (4x4 ft) that had been prepared

with images of the constellations as part of a sculptural installation. It struck me as appropriate that the force used in intaglio printing, compression, was

the conceptual beginning of that project. Of the two prints, I developed one further with multiple layers of relief printing and mixed-media.  The first print

spoke to the information gathered, and the second became how we interpret that knowledge.


Joyce Westrop, art, visual art, visual artist, Ottawa, Canada, installation, tire, drawing, sculpture, tire

sculpture, printing, photography, montage, exploded tire