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Photo and Digital

Through a Window

The surface of the glass is the focus point for these photos. What lays behind the window of these three series has a relationship to the lens of the window. There is a push/pull created through pictorial expectations and optical sharpness. We think we have been invited to look through the window, but are pulled back to the surface again.

Digital Montage

I am using the tools of digital photography to explore digital photography, but I’m also thinking about digital photography in terms of painting and drawing. Photographic raw material for this digital work is chosen either because of its reference to colour-field painting or to linear drawing. In the more abstract work I use Photoshop to subvert photographic realism, and by layering to such an absurd degree Photoshop’s influence is obvious and incidental at the same time. Multiplied traces of the real create a tension between random elements and the intentional that bears the hallmark of digital work.

Abstract Pop

Referencing 60's pop imagery I subvert photographic realism by using both digital and graphic means. In this series painterly imagery is layered before being photographed.