In this work I used printmaking as a metaphor for our search for meaning in the universe. Prints, as possible answers to hypothetical questions; a call and response. It struck me as appropriate that the force used in intaglio printing, compression, was the conceptual beginning of this project. I took 2 intaglio prints from each of the twelve steel plates (4x4 ft) that had been prepared with images of the constellations.  Of the two prints, I developed one further with multiple layers of relief printing and mixed-media. The first print spoke to the information gathered, and the second became how we interpret that knowledge.

Transference Abstracted

In this work I used small steel plates cut from larger constellation plates used in previous work. These abstract shapes relate to more personal objets and experiences but have as their source the universe. The universe broken down to a size we can more easily grasp.

Tire Prints

These prints run parallel to my tire sculptures. Through printing I am re-animating the tire, capturing an echo of it driving on the road leaving its imprint on the environment. I used two different printing methods, intaglio and relief. Intaglio by running the inked tire fragments through an etching press or running over them with a “steam-roller”. I did the 60-foot relief print manually.