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Tire Sculptures

These twisted remains of used tires, not just flats, but blowout retreads are the perfect vehicle to represent the automobile industry and its shadowy companion, oil. Through their violent transformation, the tires have already gone from being utilitarian parts of society to roadside debris. These discarded tire fragments have an unexpected organic beauty, yet the remaining traces of their destruction introduce a tensionthat I play on as I assist in their final transformation to aesthetic objects d'art. My work explores our conflicted emotions about our desire for technologyand the consequences that it brings.


An exchange between a Dutch artist group in The Netherlands (Quartair) and EBA, prompted me to think of the bicycle tire with respect to my own work with blown truck tires. If trucks and cars are the problem, surely bicycles are part of the solution? In the combination sculptures, Intervention for a BetterWorld, bicycle inner tubes tame the unruly truck tires. Where the bicycle tires are on their own I have used spray-paint and gold-leaf to elevate the wornout tires to art objects and thus celebrate the bike as a truly sustainable mode of transport.